About the Artist

Born in 1962 in Gdansk, Poland, Marlena Winiarska began making her own creations as a teenager designing and making her own clothing line.

Marlena moved to the US in 1982 choosing Arizona as her new home. As a self taught silversmith, during the 1990's Marlena began designing and making her first jewelry pieces. Fascinated with turquiose, the Native American Heritage, and the many other natural stones of the southwest, Marlena began taking trips to the local mines and examining and learning about each of nature's stones.  

Using her own style she began to blend these ancient natural stones with modern European contemporary design, creating a unique brand of truly one of a kind custom handcrafted jewelry.  

Her favorite stone to work with is the pearl, because it is the one stone that is never used in mens jewelry.  Marlena designs strictly for women.  There is nothing more beautiful than the glow and luster of a AAA pearl to compliment all skin tones and complexions.

Stems & Gems Jewelry Designer
Stems & Gems Jewelry Designs
Stems & Gems Jewelry

Using only all natural "organic" stones each with it's own healing properties and vibrations, combined with metals like sterling silver and gold, her pieces are valuable, durable and timeless, and can be worn every day with formal or casual dress. Her many repeat customers are a testament to her dedication and commitment to your satisfaction. She works one on one with each customer, custom fitting every piece to fit their preference. 

Jewelry Designer of Stems & Gems

Marlena's work can be found on display in museums, stores, boutiques, and art galleries throughout the United States and abroad. Please come to our next show and see why everyone is talking about her beautiful, unique and creative designs!      

Marlena does trunk shows for galleries, stores, boutiques and organized events. If you would like to schedule a trunk show please contact Marlena. 

For purchases also please contact Marlena directly by e-mail or by phone.  

Marlena Winiarska
(602) 909-7177