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About the Artist

Jewelry designer, artist and owner of Stems and Gems, Marlena Winiarska, uses her own style to blending ancient natural stones with modern European contemporary design to create a truly one of a kind, unique, brand of custom handcrafted jewelry.

Marlena uses only all natural, organic stones each with their own healing property and vibration and combines them with metals such as sterling silver and gold and makes valuable, durable and timeless pieces that can be worn daily with either formal or casual dress.

Marlena Winiarska of Stems and Gems is dedicated and committed to her customers' satisfaction. Pieces can be custom fitted to your preference. They are also on display in museums, for sale in stores, boutiques and art galleries throughout the United States and abroad.

Shopping for fine jewelry can be overwhelming. You want a unique piece of jewelry so you can cherish, celebrate, and wear reminders of the meaningful people and moments of your life. But you also want to make sure that you are making right practical choices when purchasing a piece of fine jewelry.

When you’re buying custom jewelry for yourself or a loved one, you’re looking for two things, quality and hands-on customization.  Marlena will help you find what you’re looking for. You can rest assured that you won’t be upsold or pressured into purchases.

Every item offered to you is designed and meticulously crafted personally by Marlena.

Take some time to explore by clicking on the pictures below.

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